Land/Property Developers

  • Equity for the purchase / development
  • Developer has run out of funds
  • Funds for planning permission
  • Funds for deposit / option fees
  • Associated debts or fees for a deal
  • Bridging term expiring
  • Bankruptcy annulments

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Home Owners

  • Property needs modernising
  • Property & land can be developed
  • Mortgage expired or in arrears
  • Stopping repossessions
  • Reversing bankruptcies
  • Need to sell quickly
  • Owner needs funds before sale

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Property Sales

  • Outright buy (fast price)
  • Fixed price now and rest on sale (mid price)
  • Shares in development profit (max price)

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What we can do for you

Expertise on property market

Develop with Us was formed to actively buy properties and sites. If you are a developer, we raise the equity finance required for deals on a joint venture basis. If you are interested in obtaining more funding to do your own deals, or if you are actively sourcing, please look out for posts from us in the coming months about the types of opportunities we are raising funds for.

What we offer. We specialise in annulling bankruptcies, repossessions and other forms of problem deals, and we have extensive planning experience which enables us to get the most out of a property. In addition to financing our own development projects, we regularly collaborate on joint ventures with vendors; we finance works to add value prior to a sale and take part in joint ventures with developers to bring equity to a deal.

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Develop with Us was formed by experienced property specialists
with over 50 years combined experience in:

  • Planning
  • Property Development
  • Finance and Funding
Our cutting edge expertise is derived from modern UK/Australian property and finance models. Develop with Us offers solutions to UK property and land owners which enables you as the property or land owner to realise the highest value from your asset.

'The lack of awareness and education around the monetary system, property and business has resulted in 99% of the worlds wealth being controlled by less than 1% of the population. We aim to share and engender knowledge and experience so that more people can enjoy our planets abundance.'


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